Animal Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Rewilding Advocacy

About Us

This organization aims to be at the forefront of advocacy for the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of wild animals. That’s because the various species are vital for ensuring adequate balance in the different habitats and our environment at large. Thus, we participate in the advancement of this important cause through various avenues.

The Team

Our team is diverse because there are various necessary areas of expertise. We have multiple contributors, including the writers and our fantastic volunteers.

Our Services

There’s so much happening in the world today that disrupts the balance of our environment. Thus, affecting the lives of species in various habitats making them need rescues. Some of them include natural disasters and other unintentional causes of displacement.

We have to care for the animals rescued. That’s because most times when they find them, they aren’t usually in optimal condition. People spot them in different places, including residential areas, and may try to scare them off.


Instead, the aim is to take proper care of them while maintaining them in their natural state. It’ll be wrong to handle these animals in a way that might further endanger them or, worse, cause them to harm the caretakers.