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Animal Rescue

These occurrences result in things like mass death, endangerment, and even extinction of individual species. That, therefore, outlines the necessity of the animal rescue movement worldwide. It isn’t limited only to land animals, as some people think. Various activities like fishing and range shooting also endanger both sea animals and birds, respectively.

Releasing Them into the Wild

Instead, the aim is to take proper care of them while maintaining them in their natural state. It’ll be wrong to handle these animals in a way that might further endanger them or, worse, cause them to harm the caretakers. They might be wild, but there are ways around it without suppressing their identity. That’s because they’d eventually release them back into the wild to either reclaim or build new habitats for themselves. Therefore, the key is to ensure that we preserve their natural survival instincts.a period of rehabilitation.¬†


Rehabilitation of Rescued Animals

We have to care for the animals rescued. That’s because most times when they find them, they aren’t usually in optimal condition. People spot them in different places, including residential areas, and may try to scare them off. However, they could also be in bad states due to the situations they were fleeing from in their habitat. Therefore, we need to rehabilitate them. The process involves taking physical care of them for the injured ones and providing as much medical care as they might need. The medicals usually include trauma and psychological help. Meanwhile, physical care consists of the provision of adequate food and shelter.¬†

Our Expertise

Advocacy and Training

Our personnel works majorly to advocate for animal rescue worldwide. Thus, that's one of our most significant functions as an organization. We ensure that there's adequate support for this cause as much as is within our resources. Besides that, we provide advocacy training for individuals who'd like to be a part of the work we're doing.

Preparation of Petitions

As part of our advocacy program, we also prepare petitions and push them to get the needed signatures. Then, we forward them to the appropriate authorities for them to take action(s). This step is vital because it has a double effect. It creates awareness and provides an avenue for pertinent information while helping to tackle the issue.

Grassroots Education

Beyond pieces of training, we also organize seminars and sensitization programs in communities. The purpose is to educate people in society on the importance of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. We also inform them of the parts they can play in helping out with this cause and what to do if they happened to find one such animal. It makes them more aware of this issue and willing to help.


Fundraising is an essential aspect of causes like this one because funding is necessary to do the work. Thus, it helps to support the cause by providing aid for rescue shelters. It also offers the opportunity of being prepared for any emergencies that may arise. We ensure that we get the available funds to the parties and other organizations that work with these animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some various animals and species make up the wildlife as we know it. What most people don’t realize is that many happenings threaten their existence. That occurs both in and outside of their natural habitat, putting them in danger. They’re essential for the balance of our environment, and therefore, we must do our best to preserve them.

Currently, we have an established structure for volunteering, so we don’t just accept people at random times. Instead, we have a yearly call for volunteers, though there may be some exceptions. You have to watch out for that and apply. Once you have an interest in our work, there’s a fair chance you’ll get in, as we organize volunteer pieces of training before or putting you to work.

Yes, we accept donations. That’s part of what fundraising is about, after all. The donating procedure is simple, message us using the contact form, and we’ll provide all the necessary information. We also organize various fundraisers for this cause that enables people to give towards it. They include both the ones online and physical events.