About Us

There’s so much happening in the world today that disrupts the balance of our environment. Thus, affecting the lives of species in various habitats. Some of them include natural disasters and other unintentional causes of displacement. Unfortunately, besides those, humans also play a part in this menace that affects animals’ safety.

These  occurrences  result  in  things  like  mass  death,  endangerment,  and  even  extinction  of individual  species.  That,  therefore,  outlines  the  necessity  of  the  animal  rescue  movement worldwide. It isn’t limited only to land animals, as some people think. Various activities like fishing and range shooting also endanger both sea animals and birds, respectively.Brief History

Brief History

We haven’t been around for a lengthy period, but there’s a back story like many organizations. It started with the rise in numbers of endangered species, from bears to elephants. It’s easy for people to neglect such information because it has no direct bearing on their daily lives. Therefore, we decided to take up the opportunity to provide advocacy, support, and education.

Most times, when animals need our help, people think domestication should be the next option. However, we desire to let society understand the concept of rehabilitation and rewilding. It helps sustain them and their habitats rather than keeping these animals in a cage somewhere. Thus, the founding of this organization.


This organization aims to be at the forefront of advocacy for the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of wild animals. That’s because the various species are vital for ensuring adequate balance in the different habitats and our environment at large. Thus, we participate in the advancement of this important cause through various avenues.


We envision a world that’s safe for humans and animals as they’re essential too. We also hope to build and sensitize our communities on the importance of animal rescue and rehabilitation. Besides that, we desire that people recognize our organization as a go-to avenue for advocacy and support regarding these issues.