Types of Animal Sanctuaries

Animal sanctuaries are an important part of the animal welfare movement. There are a variety of different types of sanctuaries, which each have its own focus and goals. This article will discuss some common types of animal sanctuaries to help you choose which one might be right for you or your family.

See the world from a different perspective. You might be surprised to learn that there are many animal sanctuaries in the US, and their goal is often two-fold: to provide care for animals who have been abandoned or mistreated and to educate visitors about how humans can help protect these creatures.

There are several types of animal sanctuaries throughout America with each one having its own focus on areas such as behavioral enrichment, veterinary care, rehabilitation, and release into their natural habitats. The following list provides an overview of three main types of sanctuaries: zoos, aquariums and wildlife centers. 

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